How can I pass a root directory to variables? I am working between two servers (dev, and live) and would like an dynamic solution. I tried several flavors of this (below), but keep getting errors (unexpected T_VAR...).

class myClass {
var $currentDir = __DIR__;
var $my_xml_file = $currentDir."data/my.xml";
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Well I'm not completely sure but I think you cannot declare variables like that in PHP. First of all I think you need to use public, protected or private instead of var. Secondly, you cannot refer to class variables without using "$this->". Also it is recommended that you set these variables in your __constructor() function. Example:

class myClass {

    private $currentDir;
    private $my_xml_file;

    // Create the class constructor
    public function __construct() {
        $this->currentDir = __DIR__;
        $this->my_xml_file = $currentDir."data/my.xml";
class myClass 
    const CURRENTDIR = __DIR__;
    private $my_xml_file = CURRENTDIR . 'data/my.xml';

$currentDir does not exist in that scope. $this->currentDir is not available either and self::$currentDir only works if it's defined as static (I think). So use a constant, or use minitauros' solution using the constructor. Note that the use of var is deprecated.

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IMO it should be a constant, as the value can't be variable. Is it?

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