Hi Guys, Listen, Here’s I have a little challenging ASP Question facing my Mobile Project.

When I submit User data from my Mobile app to my ASP server using POST method, my Server validates this data and passes it to another ASP Server(i.e. another site), which at the end sends the answer.

The Problem is that, After validation,
>>>HOW can my ASP Server Forward processed data to another ASP Server using POST method without Client interaction<<< the Client only receives the answer from the Second ASP Server.

I’ll be very thankfull for any ideas :cheesy:

Well if the data is not huge then u can use the querystring to forward the data to the next server.

For posting the data you can use XML to post the data. I havent used that but i think it will work.

Ok here is the actual code which you can use to post the data to the next server. It uses XMLHTTP object in ASP.

Response.Buffer = true
xml = Server.CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP")
xml.Open("POST", "http://nextserver.com/something.asp", false)
xml.setRequestHeader("Content-Type", "application/x-www-form-urlencoded")

On the nextServer at page something.asp you can get the data using the Request.Form("Name").

Using this way you can post all the data to the next server.

Is it what you were asking in the PM?

you could set up a page that submits a form on load using javascript.... with the folowing script.

<% for each item in request.form
response.write "<input type=""hidden"" name="""& item &""" value="""& request.form(item) &""">"

and your form passes it on to the other server in the action field. with

<%= request.querystring() %>

after the url with a "?" mark first though. that way it will re submit all the form data aswell as the querystring.

the script thing creates a hidden field for all the form data submited with their names. hope it helps