i would like to develop a chatroom with video calling so help me.

Is there any function to call the webcam on page??

Keep in mind that PHP is a server side scripting technology. You will need something client side, such as flash, silverlight, java, etc...

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Skype. Or you can try something like uStream - although not sure if that's 2-way video. Building your own will probably involve flash. Like Jorge says, PHP is server-side and I can't see how this factors into you deseign.
You may be able to do something with node.js / meteor, but I've not explored it sufficiently to comment further.

You probably need to look for Real time communication(RTC I am not sure what it was, but should be close to what I am trying to say), utilizing some sort of Javascript API in addition to server-side Javascript (node.js).

PHP may not be the candidate for this type of application, and can be very limited to authencating the users.

Yeap! I agree with diafol, php is a Severside language and you use it only for the backend and function monitoring.For design, you use Flash or Html.

its pretty simple but expensive u would need a cdn provider like edge cast or dacast life chat with video wont work without a cdn network www.edgecast.com