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How can session store in mssql database? How to do SQLServer Session Mode start?

Pls help me


Good Question. Thanks
our organition needs to track who visted their application. They have few branches. So the want to store in data base who used their application.Normally session expires shortly.That why the need?

Pls help me

The most common reason I'm aware of to store sessions in database is in a scenario where you have several front end load balanced web servers, so you need a shared session storage for them.

If you want to track users, one approach is to have them log on your web application. you can issue a cookie and track the user on subsequest events by checking for this cookie.

You can track by other means, maybe capturing the source IP address and storing that info in a database table.

Other options, various variations....

Thanks Mr.JorgeM
Your point of view is great. I will dicuss with client IT teams about your points.

Thank you very much.

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