I created a script which shows result on a new window popup

    window.open('http://yahoo.com', '_blank','3','width='+screen.width+',height=50,left=0,top=200');

First popup open easily but others are blocked in browser, i want to disable popup blocker when my domain load or when unblock popup when my domain loads.
I am creating a script like farecompare and kayak and they also shows result in popup windows. I have created everything but popup blocker in browsers destroying everything. Is there a way to disable popup blocker in browser without manually doing?

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Can't you use an ther way to display your content maybe with a fancy box or a fadein that will populate a div or a span with your content.

The idea to try hacking the behaviour of a browser is not a solution because every browser has it's own behaviour.

Hope this helps

i want to open multiple popup, one popup window opens but others are blocked is there anyway to unblock other popups without doing it manually in browser. Is there any trick.

The browser automatically detects when you use a pop and if another one is created or the number of popups is greater than 1 then the browser will block it.
You can try to add this to the exception list or the whitelist in the adblock comunity maybe that will help you.
But if you want more help show a picture of your website or better a live version and than maybe I could find a way of helping you more.

i added a javascript code above but i also tried this

function openPopup(howMany) {
    var popups = [];

var temp;
for (var index = 0; index < howMany; ++index) {
    popups.push(open('', '', 'height=500,width=500'));
    popups[index].document.write('popup ' + (index + 1) + ' of ' + howMany + '<br/>this will close on parent window close');

closeFunc = function() {
    for (var index = 0; index < popups.length; ++index)

if (addEventListener)
    addEventListener('beforeunload', closeFunc, false);
    attachEvent('onbeforeunload', closeFunc);


<a href='javascript:openPopup(5)'>Click me</a>

It generates multiple popup and it also blocked.

Maybe you script is seen as malicious by the adblock plugin.
Try to convert to jquery.
Maybe that will fix your problem.

i tried but every browser do that, if you have jquery script then tell me?

No I don't have a jquery script.I like to use a simple aproach like an

accordion or a hidden div that will fadein when populated.

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