i try to show documents with specific department id

computer-science admin will be able to view only computer-science documents and hr admin view only hr documents

here i create a sp

ALTER procedure [dbo].[sphrdocid1]

     @DepID int
    SELECT DocumentInfo.DocID,
   dbo.Department.DepType ,
    dbo.ApproveType.ApproveType AS ApproveID
    FROM dbo.DocumentInfo
       left JOIN dbo.DocType ON dbo.DocumentInfo.DocTypeID=dbo.DocType.DocTypeID
 left JOIN dbo.Department ON dbo.DocumentInfo.DepID=dbo.Department.DepID
    LEFT JOIN dbo.ApproveType ON  

then when i test the query and write this "sphrdocid1 6" it show me like this

 DocID DocDesciption    DocName     Uploadfile       DocTypeID     
    **DepID**                 **UploadedBy**                 UserID

8   paperssSSS  SDASDASD        dsfsdf.docx 1
**4**                      **john**                 **6**

9   hr report   dr reprt n analysis     HR.docx 1
**4**                                   **john**             **6**

and on page load function

GrdFileApprove.DataSource = dd.gethrdoc22(Convert.ToInt32(Session["Userid"]));


 public DataTable hrdoc1(int id)
        return db.ExecuteDataSet("sphrdocid1", new object[] { id }).Tables[0];


when i set a breakpoint it shows me id 0 ..

and when i debug it can not show me any documents in form

where is the probelem?

Where is hrdoc1 called? Where is id set?

hrdocid1 is sp and id is set in funtion..
DataTable table = db.ExecuteDataSet("sphrdocid1", new object[] { id }).Tables[0];

        return table;

Your trying to turn a DataSet into a Table explicitly which might not work ... try this:

 public DataTable hrdoc1(int id)
    DataSet ds = (Call DataSet here)
    DataTable dt = ds.tables[0];
    return dt;