Any recommendations for implementing caching in ASP Classic. Server is Windows 2008 with IIS 7.5

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It can be done. While most would say just upgrade the site to ASP.NET where you its easy to implement caching, it can be done in Classic ASP. Take a look at this article from 4GuysFromRolla. They have quite a bit of stuff on Classic ASP. A few articles on caching.

If you are caching blocks of data that won't change based on the user, then I would highly recommend using Application variables. You can simply do something like:

if Not IsDate(Application("var_date")) then Application("var_date") = Now() - 1

if Application("var_date") < Now Then
    Application("html_cache") = "INSERT HTML HERE"
    Application("var_date") = DateAdd("n",5,Now)
end if

This will cache for 5 minutes and this method can be very powerful if you are working with high volume sites. This is best used where you are hitting your database.

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