Hi, so I have my own website and run cyberduck as my ftp for uploading files. Now, in one of my classes we have to create another website with mySQL as the database and my group wants to use my server for creating the website. I'm not really sure how to approach this, but how do I create a section within my server for the development of this website, but also to make sure it does not interfer/change any of my current website stuff?

Basically meaning, my group members would not have any access to my current website stuff. Just the area needed to create the develop the new website. Is this possible?

Also, not sure how it works but we as a group would rather just use my website, www.example.com/folder1/folder3 or some other crazy file directory, if you catch my drift. Thank you in advance!

Hello, you can create a subdomain or a new directory. To give your team access you can create them an ftp account to the particular directory. Do the same thing with database, create a new username just for your team.
But all this is not 100% safe. I mean, there exist some shell files that can be uploaded to servers to gain control of it. Uploading shell to servers allow manipulating data files and directories. (Delete, Update, Create)
Why don't you use a free hosting like 000webhost.com. Or why don't you use localhost Xampp or Wamp ?

Why don't you use a free hosting like 000webhost.com.

I would also agree based on your description that you may simply want to sign up for a free account with a provider. I've used 000webhost.com in the past. I've also used biz.nf.

This will solve your issue with regards to configuring your own website to service pages from a directory and/or dealing with the FTP setup and permissions.