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You are on the right track. However if you want a smoother better animation, you will probably have to use some pre-written JS library that deals with animation like JSTween.

Otherwise, you will need to write quite a bit of code to perfect it.

Another alternative is to use CSS3, but not all web browsers support that yet.


Thanks for your answer, but how would I go about it with JSTween? I don't see any animations to flicker images.


You could use JSTween to do it, but it is rather simple and could easily be done in jQuery without the use of a plugin.

I would do something like this http://jsfiddle.net/pixelsoul/8XNe3/

If you're talking more about pre-loading the images, there are plugins to do that, or you could roll your own with the numerous tutorials online.


Hi Pixelsoul,

I don't like the fade in, I want it like the demo i gave, but when i upload it to my full website, it starts flickering white and takes a lot of time to load the image each flicker.

Would preloading be the solution?


How would I set this up? I imagine something like: Do not start this function untill all images are loaded. Is that something simple to do? And if so, how.

Already thanks a lot for your help :)

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