I am using ffmpeg to convert wav audio files to mp3 format but I am getting this error. "cannot execute binary file". I have given 777 rights to my ffmpeg folder and my operating system is ubuntu x86_64. I have uploaded the 64 bit version for ffmpeg but still it is giving me this errror. Can any one tell me that why this error is coming.
Thanks in advance.

The target architecture of the binary file may be different from what is required. Please try executing the ffmpeg program manually via a shell first.

If you do not have access to a command shell, then try to execute a simple command like "ls" first to make sure that your PHP is written correctly.

Many people get this error because they are trying to run a binary file from a different operating system entirely. For example, trying to run a Linux program in a Windows web server or vice versa is not valid.

I have tried to run the command through putty and it is saying -bash cannot execute binary file. What will be the reason for this error.

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