I need suggestion for my Final Year Project(Web programming)!

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Make something related to your interests. A couple ideas would be a browser-based game, a social networking site, a forum... How many years have you taken and what level of experience do you need to show?

This is my final year project of 4 years degree(BSCS Honours). I want to do something new and intresting

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I want to do something new and intresting

So why ask a forum full of crusty old farts?

As Lsm says, base it on your interests, a purely academic exercise will fail to ignite your passion.

hi erum.saeed.75, dont you have anything to start with???? just create what you like..... it does not have to be the next great project like something, wordpress. :) gd luck.


Just build a social networking site with some basic CRUD functionality.


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