problem: that is not successful login when we enter email and pass but process going to sorry email id or password error

%@page import="bean.LoginDao"%>
<%@page import="bean.LoginBean"%>
<%@page import="bean.ConnectionProvider1"%>
<%@page import="bean.ConnectionProvider"%>
<jsp:useBean id="obj" class="bean.LoginBean"/>

<jsp:setProperty property="*" name="obj"/>

boolean status=LoginDao.validate(obj);

session.setAttribute("session", true);
out.println("You r successfully logged in");

out.println("Sorry, email id or password error");
<jsp:include page="index.jsp"></jsp:include>

since we have no idea what LoginDao.validate(obj); does, how it validates, or what it returns, there isn't much we can help you with.

one good advice though, learn how to use servlets. putting actual Java code in your jsp files is very bad design.