Good Day,

I have a ASP website fully working and i want it to Deploy on Windows Azure?

How can i do that im basically new this Azure of Microsoft.

Your Immidiate Response is Highly Appreciated.

Thank you,

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Have you installed the Windows Azure SDK for your development environment?

Once you have done so you'll find options for creating Azure projects and deploying them from within Visual Studio.

Azure provides a variety of ways to host web sites:

  • Windows Azure Web Sites (WAWS)
  • Web Roles (Cloud Services)
  • Azure Virtual Machines

I'm unsure whether WAWS supports ASP - it's a rather dated scripting language. What you could try is creating an ASP.NET project and then adding an ASP page to see if it's enabled.

The other two options, Web Roles and VMs give you more flexibility and can be configured to run ASP.

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