I am using asp.net 4.0 and c#. I have a page at work that is used one time per year by one person to run several stored procedures on January 1st. In order to make it more interesting (since she has to work every New Year's Day) I try to do something different with the page every year just to make her laugh. The page consists of one huge "easy button" that she clicks. On click, the stored procedures run. Period. This year, I want to have the "easy button" change to a "rotating cog" as soon as she clicks it and the stored procedures start running. Then when the stored procedures are finished, I want to have the "rotating cog" change to a "happy face" image.

The pieces that are not working are in my code for the button click, I have an image change to a "rotating cog." That never fires. I've put it outside the try block in the button click code and I've tried putting it inside the try block. It just stays the "easy button" until the stored procedure is finished and then it changes correctly to the "happy face."

The other thing I want to do is play a short wav file when everything is finished when the "happy face" pops up. I've tried using the HTML5 <audio> element with a wav file and can't get it to play. I think that may be an IE issue. This page will always be loaded in IE and only by this one person. This plays fine in Chrome, but not in IE.

    <audio src="sounds/nyear2.wav" autoplay ></audio>

I want to have the audio set up on the aspx page and then in the code behind after the try block has executed successfully, then I want to call this sound somehow to play.

I don't know how clear that was, but if someone could help me out with this I'd appreciate it.

I think HTML5 is not compatible with the version of IE you are using. Please do mention the version you are using.

Do you need any help regarding Button rotation and smiling face ?

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