I have an existing website I an trying to modify. In speedscript I have my include libraries and a veriable. Then I need to do an href with a link I have the code as follows <a href="WI_testweb/" + "custno" + ".xls">Matrix</a> The custno is the variable. Is there a way of doing this since the way I an trying is not working?


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If the 'custno' is a JavaScript variable, you could use it without quotation marks around it (<a href="WI_testweb/"+custno+".xls">). I am not sure whether or not speedscript is JavaScript???

Thanks speedscript is like Progress code and this website uses both. I will try the code you suggest.

Oh, so the part you are building anchor tag is not in JavaScript part then... That is, the way I told you will not work. I don't know about Speedscript, so I may not be helpful here. The only thing I can make a guess it that your 'custno' needs to be marked as a variable (don't know how to do in Speedscript). The original way you used is a string which would not be what you want.

I tried the (<a href="WI_testweb/"+custno+".xls">). And it didn't work. Any other suggestions? Speedscript is progress code.

Thanks again.

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