Attempting to update file, run and post results for you, here.

Problem is, the file will not save.

I am running my tests on a server/DB out of Germany; They seem a bit unprofessional and sloppy.

I will post results as soon as possible.

Thank you for your help and kindness.



Same results as earlier (But Warning & Warning no longer appear):

Employee Name | Employee Address

Null? Is this indicating a variable is empty or that it is reading that the table is not populated? The DB/table is full of data.

Thank you.

Image test: (Not imbedded in post)

<Update: Per Dani's advice, this method works)

Below is the current status (Screenshot) of my output after redirection.

Could the DB/Table or server be corrupted?

Would anyone feel confident taking a direct look at my DB? - Someone trusted, good post count, knowledge of PHP/MySQL? This may violate protocol, but I am getting desperate to solve this issue involving rendering DB contents to the table, as seen in screenshot. If interested, please PM me for log-in credentials.

  • Please Note: Terms displayed in image such as "OK!" "Yes" and "Still" are just test flags set by myself.

Thank you!


If you're happy for me to do so. I don't mind looking over your database, to see where you went wrong. Also, it might be a good idea to take a look at your script. If you would allow access to the server for around half an hour, that would be great. You can make a seperate user account up if you don't want the admin details. Please post back; if you're sending details, make sure they are in a PM. I am around for most of the night tonight (UK time) so I'll take a look.


Thank you so much!

Via PM, I shall send you all full admin credentials.

(After I send the credentials I will not touch the DB for a number of hours, allowing you a chance to review it)


[Marking as Solved]

phorce surmised that the issue is with my host after having access to my DB; Therefore, I am moving to a new host for further testing.

In a week I will have a permanent domain for my company and a 5-year hosting plan within a proven and stable server-farm(s).

Any futher questions I may have (And I will have some), I shall start a new, fresh thread for.

Thank you all for your kind and caring help. It means a lot!


If you're moving to a new host, I wouldn't be so quick to jump into a 5 year contract.