I currently am moving a client site from Joomla 1.6 to Joomla 2.5 by hand due to a malware infection (I don't normally do this for clients but they specifically requested me) and while I was able to move the data, I'm not able to get their custom template to work.

The original site is OhMyGirls.com and the test site is at cjcDigital.net/omg/

I've tried reading conversion tutorials but they are totally useless so any insights are very much appreciated. The theme is built on the YouGrids framework - and I'm not sure if this is normal with their 1.6 version - but when I was trying to follow the tutorials, some steps such as renaming the tags were already done - so that threw me off a bit.

As far as permissions go, I've checked those and the images from the original site are in the same paths (and the code used relative URLs).

Thanks very much in advance for any and all insights!

I have absolutely no experience with Joomla so I'm not so sure I can be much help, because I'm not familiar with how their templating system works. However, when you say you're not able to get it to work, what exactly do you mean by that?

Does it look weird? Does it not load? ...

When I load up the test site, it looks like it's at the beginning stages of modifying a skin (taken off of templatemonster or such). However, the skin looks nothing like the live site.

Can Joomla 1.6 and 2.5 use the same skins or do you need to recreate it from scratch?

As far as permissions go, metal.css and layout.css are both being correctly loaded. I don't know about custom.css because all of the styles contained within that file are commented out.

Hello, I found the solution - turns out I forgot to recreate all the modules for the image layouts and such!

Yet another reason I'm planning to stick with Wordpress and Drupal!