Hello all,

I have a wordpress site, http://gardenoftomorrow.com/

As of the first 3 years, my wordpress permalink structure has been /%category%/%postname%-%post_id%/

I now plan on changing the category each post is filed under, and changing my permalink structure to /%postname%/

I made the permalink change, and I've setup redirection for each of the articles. I have not yet made any changes to the categorys for the posts though because the images are still published under these cateogry dependent urls.

For example:
* The new post URL for Cestrum Nocturnum is now http://gardenoftomorrow.com/night-blooming-jasmine-cestrum-nocturnum/
* But, the first image still links to http://gardenoftomorrow.com/cestrum/cestrum-nocturnum-night-blooming-jasmine-213/attachment/cestrum-nocturnum-flower/
* The image is also accessible (according to the Media section of the WP backend) at the new URL http://gardenoftomorrow.com/night-blooming-jasmine-cestrum-nocturnum/cestrum-nocturnum-flower/

In the existing Cestrum Nocturnum post I click on the image and click on the little edit button that shows up (To edit image details), the "Link URL" says http://gardenoftomorrow.com/cestrum/cestrum-nocturnum-night-blooming-jasmine-213/attachment/cestrum-nocturnum-flower/ (the old url), and clicking the "Current Link" button just spits out the old category based URL - does not update it to the new URL.

So here is what I'm trying to figure out:

A) It seems to me that it would be the most simply solution if there is any known redirection plugin that would automate the most of this: Something where I can type in the old permalink structure, and the new structure, and generate a list of redirections for all my content? I only have about 28 posts, but 130+ images, many of which are good traffic sources, and I would like to avoid spending hours making changes to URLS and having to double checking my work.

B) As it stands now, even if everything else works out, I will have to go through each blog post, click on every image, and update it to it's new URL. That's a lot of work. Any way around that?

C) How should approach this? This doesn't sound like what I am doing is uncommon or unheard of, yet there is very little help on this subject.

Traffic gets intense in the Spring (it's a garden site after all), so I would like to accomplish all of these URL changes ASAP. My traffic has over doubled in just the last month alone, and it will continue to rise for some time. The sooner I can figure this out, the better, or I may loose out on my busy season this year (or have to revert back to before I made any URL changes).

I could write my own plugin to generate some URLs or other information to help me, perhaps, but I would prefer to avoid such tasks as my time is limited these days.

My site map only contains the urls for the posts only, not the images. But is there a way to utalize it for these kinds of changes?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks so much!

You could always user Apache's .htaccess RewriteEngine

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