I am creating a php property buy/sell/trade game. The goal is to have the most properties and the most cash after a set time period (cash prize awarded later in site development). I was wondering what you guys would like to see in a game like this.

Here is a preview (design has not been done yet, only basic layout):

go to www.banditssoftball.org/trading/login.php and use these:

email: testing@test.com
password: testing

its not complete, some parts are not functional.

(banditssoftball.org will not be the url for the site, i haven't acquired the domain yet ,suggestions?)


For a start, either your login script doesn't work, or the email and password above are incorrect...


I can't login either.

i might of deleted it by accident, try again when you can.

what i think actually happened was someone changed the login info. Please do not change it.