Hello All,

I wonder if someone could help me, I'm about to start work on a pretty heavy system that will be massively database driven. I was wondering if there was a framework out their a bit like jQuery for example that will assist me in all my MySql funcitonality.

Yes I do know how to use MySql, that isn;t the question I'm asking, I'm asking if anyone knows of a write less do more framework a bit like jQuery for JavaScript or Skeleton CSS for design?

Thanks in advance ;)

CodeIgniter, Cake, Zend, Symphony, Laravel.

Check this forum, there are some discussion on this topic. Search for framework.

I took a look at cake but it's too intrusive, I'm looking for a a non-intrusive framework that just gives me a class to communicate with the database instead of controlling my file handling.

What are your requirements? Basically, do you just want the ORM part of a framework?

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Not sure if there is much out there that justs controls the db.

Second I'm not sure as to what advantages there would be if there was. Sounds to me like your best option is to just roll out your own db layer/class. Mysqli would suffice.

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redbeans, doctrine...

Quite a few out there.

I second Doctrine, it's widely used.

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Looks like a pretty steep learning curve.

Doctrine, propel, fuel, Agile toolkit (API class), and kohana ORM. Pick the one you think you can immerse as quickly as possible.

Personally and outside the framework environment, I prefer Doctrine. Just maybe, give Agile toolkit (API class) the consideration it deserves.

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Looks like a pretty steep learning curve.

Yeah. I love it when I see 'simple but robust'. Simple if you're a Borg ;)

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