Hello, is it possible to create a website that can receive a command/word from the user, and then search other websites **for a file associated with that word? The file it provides would be based on selecting the file based on a set of **pre-defined criteria. So the site would have to perform scanning/selecting actions in the background while outputting simply the file result to the user.
Can a site perform these background operations such as scanning other sites then selecting a file?
I’m very new but eager to learn and excited to read your replies, thank you.

Possible, yes. My flow would use AJAX most likely. You can use it to trigger the search, and a second to keep fetching results. In the background you can run a script that would store it's results in a database. The second AJAX call would call a script to query those results and show them.

Ok looks like I need to learn AJAX now. Thank you for the quick, informative reply.