I have been able to get bitnami to work successfully at work but not at home. I have a linksys router I connect to. I was using port 80 and 3306 I can launch application but cannot connect to wordpress at all. I understand ports need certain admin rights and such I am not sure how to to troubleshoot. My servers both show green as running with no errors so I assume maybe I am putting in the url address wrong to connect? At work is localhost:81/wordpress and connects fine at home it was defaulting to localhost:80/wordpress and I get "Error establishing a database connection" I can connect virtually to php myadmin fine. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

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I wasn't able to get bitnami working so I installed webmatrix and I am in wordpress right now having a blast. It didnt install the SQL but yet I can still upload images. I am connected through http://localhost:48958/

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