Hi all
I need urgent help to complete my project
I am unable to update my sql database.I have to update the database using textbox value as primary key and the other tools are textbox,dropdownlist and calender which i have used
I am doin project on ASP.NET using vb.net so plzz give me the coding in vb.net

the code i have written is as shown below
please help me out soon

Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click
myConnection = New SqlConnection("server =sqlserver.htsdomain.net;uid=sa;pwd=;database=CentralHTS")
        'myCommand = New SqlCommand(UPDATE task  SET Numbercardused=@TextBox1.text,Numberfreetv=@Dropdownlist1,Datefrom,Dateto  where (PhoneNumber=@TextBox1.Text))
        'Response.Write("Record Updated")

You need to put strings in double quotes. The sql string argument to the SqlCommand constructor needs to be quoted. myCommand = New SqlCommand("UPDATE task SET ... don't put @ in front of the webserver control instances (you are confusing them with TSQL parameters)

myCommand = New SqlCommand("UPDATE task  SET Numbercardused=" & TextBox1.text & " ...

The dropDownList you need to use the Selectedvalue property

... Numberfreetv=" & Dropdownlist1.SelectedValue & " ...

You need to execute the command now it's built:


putting sql inline like that is extremely dangerous and not safe at all, i would suggest moving your sql to stored procedures, or at least parameterizing your query, you should also do some back end data verification, e.g. check for nulls, emptry strings, etc.