hey guys
Am new to dis site(Daniweb) also a baby to php but am trying to develop a simple hopping cart in php bt its look too difficult, most of the code am geting on google is too complicated for me.. can anyone help me a simple and easy code on php shopping cart.


There are many shopping carts that are already built ready for donwload. Writing one from the ground up can be very difficult to almost impossible for a newbie programmers. I am not trying to discourage your motivation to dream big, but programming techniques and methods are learned overtime.

For now, pratice on oscommerce, zen cart, and many other open source. Have yourself familiarized with the source codes and learn from them.

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As a learning project, creating a shopping cart can be great fun. However, if you wish to implement one as part of a real online store, use a trusted one. These also allow easy-ish and secure connections to payment gateways.

I agree with veedeoo - this type of project is a big ask if you're just starting out. If it's just to develop your skills, then a smaller scale project may be better, e.g. running a simple football league system.

I rilly appreciate all ur replies.i wil try d code webville312 postd. I hv started one already bt whn i display d products n click on add2cart it gives me blank page bt i wil look at dis code n see hw i can solve d problem.. i jst wnt to develop a vey simple cart so dat i can get d real ideal of hw it works
Tanz once again u guys

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