I have been stumped by this completely. Please help.

I have a jQuery site that has a form with 2 hidden fields. With javascript, I get information (2 numbers from phone sensors) and set those hidden fields with the numbers. (works fine). I then automatically submit the form, and correctly get the numbers passed in through those fields into ASP on the server end. All is well so far... I then use ASP to set the value of those same hidden fields using <%=variable %> when I then generate the page via ASP....the problem is that those fields never get set...and it has something to do with jQuery, since when I remove jQuery from the page, everything works fine.

Please help ! I have spent a lot of time on this, and I just don't know what is happening...my gut is that jQuery somehow "remembers" the page and doesn't refresh everything...but I just don't know.

Thanks in advance


You havent provided any code so its difficult to know what's happening.

since it works without the jQuery, try this...using your browser's dev tools, open the javascript console and see if there are any errors when jQuery is included.