Hi all,
I have two MS-Access Databases.
1.Comp with fields CID, CName, CMarks.
2.Stud with fields SID,SName,SMarks.

I use JSP to build the form in NetBeans.

I want to create a form which would allow me to choose a CName from a drop down menu. When I submit, it should check CMarks select all records in Stud where SMarks>=CMarks.

I do not have a problem, in writing the SQL for CMarks and Selecting Stud Records.

But I would like to know, how to dynamically populate the drop down box, in jsp.


create a servlet that fills some memory structure (most likely a Map) with the data needed to create the rows of the dropdown, and in the JSP use a JSTL <forEach> tag to create the option elements.

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