I made some tries to get info from http://portal.onrc.ro

The workflow is like:

  1. Login => redirects to a page

  2. Get the form (GET /ONRCPortalWeb/appmanager/myONRC/wicket?p=bpi.buletinBpiOnline)

  3. Change the search type (POST /ONRCPortalWeb/appmanager/myONRC/wicket?_nfpb=true&_windowLabel=TestWicket03_1&_urlType=action&wlpTestWicket03_1__wu=%2FONRCPortalWeb%2Fappmanager%2FmyONRC%2Fwicket%2F%3Fwicket%3Ainterface%3D%3A1%3AformCautare%3A%3AIFormSubmitListener%3A%3A) => redirect to an interface (GET /ONRCPortalWeb/appmanager/myONRC/wicket/?wicket:interface=:<@interface_NO>:1:::)

After changing the search type, i don't get redirected. It triggers an error on the search page.

I checked the request methods and parameters, i also checked the cookies, and i can't find anything wrong.

Can anyone help here?