hey there nice people,
i am making a hospital management system online (using asp.net, C#, sqlserver), now here is the main thing, i want to make website's own video chat (between patient and doc). i am wondering if it's possible with asp.net (i'll be using visual studio). If it's possible, what visual studio version is needed (askin just incase!) also do tell if i'll be needing any hardware for this (i am hoping a NO here because our university does not do funding for the projects).

PS.: i have already tried googling and i can't seem to find a proper answer. Kindly guide me through.


if i use HTML5.. is it easily intergatable in asp.net? my main proj is in asp.net

Yes, you can integrate as much HTML and JavaScript in your .aspx file as you wish. You may have not realized, but all of your asp.net controls and code are rendered as HTML elements once the browser requests a page from the web server hosting the asp.net application.

Browsers don't know a thing about asp.net or any other scripting language. They understand HTML markup.

Simple test... Right click a web page, view source... Inspect the results.

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