Hello everyone im trying to make a website for movies so its pretty simple with movie boxes but the poblem is i dont want to do it like every single movie i add i need to write a new code in index.html so is there a way to skip this part of coding and make it eazy padding on every movie so to have 10px distance between the boxes...

Here is my Website you can see it what im trying to say.
Thank you all :)

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anybody ? :/

The site appears to be down or at least I cannot get to it.

If all you need is to apply a style across multiple elements, assign the same class to these elements then target them in your style sheet. For example in your style sheet...

 .movie-box { padding: 10px; }

Visit it now its online and look what im talking about...
I just want the website to look beautifull on every screen no matter does its big or small...

Feel free to reply if somebody know how to solve this problem

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