I hope someone can help. The id=reachme is suppose to be hidden at all times except when the event which is triggered by clicking the word "reachme" is clicked then it is suppose to bounce into view. I've set display to hidden in the css for the id=reachme, hoping the script would then work, which it didn't.

Please post an example on jsfiddle.

There is no HTML or CSS included in that jsfiddle.

I gave a link to the page, iamthwee didn't specify what to show in jsfiddle, I decided upon the script !

I am pretty sure that he meant for you to post a sample of the code you were working with that didn't work. Just posting the script is not very helpful in helping you with determining the cause if the issue.

I have it partially working. I need to install jQueryUI !

I would appreciate if someone could verify whether I have jQueryUI installed correctly. I read I need jQueryUI.core.js file. When I download jQueryUI there was no core file ?