Someone please help!! I am use to working with MS Access. So, for me, working with SQL is a downgrade at this point. But, I have to do it.

I am working with Microsoft Visual Web Developer which apparently is supposed to be easy!!! The help feature is pretty extensive which is nice though. I have an SQL test database that I am playing with in there. What I want to do is have the users be able to insert data via a form. I played with ListView a little. Apparently I can only add one item at a time though. What I want is to have about 50 empty lines already be on the page. When the user populates the data for all 50, then clicks a submit button and updates the database. Sounds easy enough, but, what a headache!!!

If anyone knows of a way, please let me know.

Also, I would be open to just using a SQL statement versus one of the built in functions like "ListView", hopefully I said that right. Please keep in mind that I am new to SQL.


u want to update a table based on the data entered in the page ,thats right.
u want to update the data for each line seperately or wholey.if u want to enter large data u can use varchar ,the update statement is same as u do in msaccess

You need to write an INSERT statement... INSERT into TableName (Column1, ...ColX) VALUES ('TextBox1.text' & "','" & TextBox2.text & "','" ... & TextBoxX.text & "'")

If you need help creating the connection to the database, email me at stenson1 at gmail