before i have a code for this

echo ('<div class="content" style="width: 293px; float: left;">
        <b>Host: </b> '.(isset($replay->game['creator']) ? $replay->game['creator'] : "n/a").' 

and then i will input a creator in my form

<textarea name='BBCode' style='width:592px; height:120px;' >[B]Host : [/B] (how toinsert creator in this area)  </textarea><br>
<input type='button' onclick='javascript:this.form.BBCode.focus();;' value='Select All'>

someone can help me?

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Did you try flipping your double quotes and single quotes in your second snippet?

For example:
echo '<form><textarea name="BBCode" style="width:592px; height:120px;" > ...

okay thank you for your solution

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