How to select image from folder by name in mysql.
This is mysql query for other rows

$query = "SELECT `posts`.`id` AS `post_id`, `categories`.`id` AS `category_id`,`title`,`contents`,`date_posted`
  ,`categories`.`name` FROM `posts` INNER JOIN `categories` ON `categories`.`id`= `posts`.`cat_id`";

how to select row 'image' where is name of image and call that image from folder?

where is name of image

You should know. Where did you store it when uploading the image?

while($nom = $images_dir->read ()){

<img src=<?php echo $name;?>  />

why you want to select image name from DB and search in dir ?
Idea : why you do not put the full path to your image in db then select it then use it, i think it well be more easy than your first idea !!!
hope this help.

if(!$v['mapImage'] == '')
                    //path folder name
                        echo '<img src="'.$v['mapPath'].'" width="600" height="450">';

another one is

if(!$v['mapImage'] == '')
                        echo '<img src="path/path1/'.$v['mapImage'].'" width="600" height="450">';