How to select image from folder by name in mysql.
This is mysql query for other rows

$query = "SELECT `posts`.`id` AS `post_id`, `categories`.`id` AS `category_id`,`title`,`contents`,`date_posted`
  ,`categories`.`name` FROM `posts` INNER JOIN `categories` ON `categories`.`id`= `posts`.`cat_id`";

how to select row 'image' where is name of image and call that image from folder?

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where is name of image

You should know. Where did you store it when uploading the image?

while($nom = $images_dir->read ()){

<img src=<?php echo $name;?>  />

why you want to select image name from DB and search in dir ?
Idea : why you do not put the full path to your image in db then select it then use it, i think it well be more easy than your first idea !!!
hope this help.

if(!$v['mapImage'] == '')
                    //path folder name
                        echo '<img src="'.$v['mapPath'].'" width="600" height="450">';

another one is

if(!$v['mapImage'] == '')
                        echo '<img src="path/path1/'.$v['mapImage'].'" width="600" height="450">';


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