Hi All,
Really, I need your help to create phonebook application with MVC. in which the application contains a contacts database. also the application should contain a login screen to delete or edit contact information. the links of update and delete a contact record should appear at the end of each record.

with "I need your help", do you mean "please do this for me"?

we won't. jsp & servlets programming is no brain surgery for two major reasons:
1. its not as difficult
2. if you make a mistake in your code, and have to re-do a bit, nobody dies

everyone here 'll help you improve your knowledge and code, but we're not coders for hire.

no, i need simple and clear explanation for MVC to do it.

i would like to know what the content of each MVC part

Model -> your dao's, objects and such
View -> your GUI
Controller -> your actual 'running' code.