I have a strange problem,
I have a domains and a subdomain

http://client.spry-forms.com (login using demo/demo)
http://spry-forms.com/ClientAdmin (login using demo/demo)

The server is setup with only tomcat
Both the above domains are mapped to tomcat/webapps/ClientAdmin.
When some one logs in from the second url, the link CREATE NEW FORM at page http://www.spry-forms.com/ClientAdmin/forms.jsp works fine but
when some one logs in from the first url (client.spry-forms.com) the link 'CREATE NEW FORM' at page http://client.spry-forms.com/forms.jsp produces this error

org.apache.jasper.JasperException: Unable to compile class for JSP:

An error occurred at line: 7 in the generated java file
Only a type can be imported. view.DemoConnection resolves to a package

An error occurred at line: 12 in the jsp file: /formeditor.jsp
DemoConnection cannot be resolved to a type
9: response.sendRedirect("../Authenticate.do?status=logoff");
10: return;
11: }
12: DemoConnection con = (DemoConnection) request.getSession().getAttribute("dbconnection");
13: String formid = request.getParameter("formid");
14: String grpid[] = (String[]) request.getAttribute("groupArray");
15: //String groupArry [] = (String[])request.getAttribute("groupArr");

Can anyone give me a hint as to what is happening??

More details
I import the DemoConnection.java like this <%@ page import="java.sql.*,view.DemoConnection,java.util.*"%> I did not do the domain config, as I am not the administrator, The admin wants me to resolve this.
I think the problem is caused because tomcat cannot find the DemoConnection.class.

my directory structure is like this

            jsp files
                        some more classes

Well maybe this might just be an error you made while writing this post, but "WEB_INF" should be "WEB-INF".
Apart from that at first glance I do not see anything wrong here.
Also you could try changing the import statement to "view.*" and observe what happens !!!

Sorry that was a typing mistake
The folder is WEB-INF

I have the same problem as you do if you've solved the problem I would like to ask you to email me:<EMAIL SNIPPED>.

I have the same problem as you do if you've solved the problem I would like to ask you to email me:<EMAIL SNIPPED>.

Create new thread, describe your problem in detail and do not forget to include any relevant code.

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hello every1..i m facing d same issue..if u resolved d issue..pls mail me, how did u solve dis..my email id is abhisu.singh@gmail.com