This is sort of a generic question...

I'm at a point where I need to do some report generation with various data from different tables i.e. commissions earned / transactions processed / etc...

I was wondering if anyone happens to know of a script base that could be used for that that would provide the structure for the members to select a report generation based on options I could provide in drop downs, that would include what they want to see and what date range, etc...

I know there will still be a lot of scripting required that is specific to my application, but wondered if there was something available that would give me a head start on this.

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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Thank you for the response...

That was actually looking pretty interesting, until I go to the part that is said I needed to have a working knowledge of javascript and of jQuery...

I'm looking for something more along the lines of a PHP code framework that I could expand on.

Thanks again

PHP is executed on the server.
Javascript is executed on the client side (in the browser).
If you want to create real dynamic pages, I think you should learn Javascript as well. Also jQuery (Javascript library) and AJAX.

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The jqGrid looks very nice - I'm a bit jealous :) However, some of the examples in the site don't work, and whether this is intentional or not is difficult to ascertain. The fact that something is rendered via js/jq does not mean it cannot be used with PHP or any other server-side language. We have Ajax and json - we can retrieve and update data without any major issue.
Until recently, I was developing my own version of this, which used a php class and a jq plug-in. I may dust it off and have another go. But anyway, to my mind if you want the flexibility of interactive tables and the convenience of being able to make dynamic db calls, then you'll need both js/jq and php.

BTW - I'm not advocating jq specifically, just that it seems to be flavour of the decade with regard to these types of things.

I didn't really get this solved like I would have wanted to, but I just programmed around it for now, until I have time to focus on a long term solution.

But goiong to mark it solved to get it out of the mix.

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