Having problems with a malware I had to reinstall Win7 OS with recovery mgr.After I had to reinstall all my web development tools such as Visual Basic Express 2008, Visual Web Developer Express 2010, SQL server express 2008, MySql, Workbench.I cannot reinstall PHP and PhpMyAdmin no matter what I try. I have done all the tutorials,most of them are old anyway, also I don't want Apache, I am happy with Mysql.I tried also with Web Platform installer, I get an error.Should I reinstall Windows and start fresh? In this case which of the above programs should I install first? Should I start with PHP? I appreciate any help you can give me thanks
My pc is a Compaq Notebook running Win7 Home Premium and IIS 7.5.

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Any reason why you don't want to use Apache? It's the 'usual' server - especially for php hosted sites.

I don't want Apache, I am happy with Mysql.

What does this mean? MySQL has installed correctly?

Well I tried to install Apache before but found it difficult, I was immediately comfortable with Mysql and now I am too used to it anyway.Besides I understand that Mysql and php is the perfect combination for web development.Yes it installed correctly and works fine from the command line, I just don't seem able toreinstall php

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I think you're confused with a webserver (Apache) and mysql.

Prpbably the easiest way to get started is to use a stack like XAMPP.

I just reinstalled XAMPP the other day to upgrade PHP to 5.5 - no problems.

By installed correctly I mean that I can use it to create databases, tables, do queries from the command line. I tried Wamp did not work my pc just locked up and did not install php or Apache. Maybe I am confused I am not too expert but Apache and Mysql don't they do the same things? I created a web site and with Mysql andPhp I was able to do a lot of stuff actually I was working on a site for hotel reservations, now I'll have to start allover since I reformetted the hard drive and did n ot have a backup

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OK Apache and MySQL don't do the same things. You have to have a webserver in order to get PHP to work. The newest version of PHP comes with its own light webserver - which is not fit for production - but I can't comment too much as I haven't used it. So for Windows, you have a choice of webservers, usually Apache (which you need to install) or IIS (bundled with Windows). There are others, but as you will probably be uploading to a remote (hosted) site which will probably be Unix running Apache, I don't see why you don't want to run Apache. Which WAMP stack did you try to install?

OK I have IIS 7.5 and it works, I can retrieve html pages from www.root as well as aspx pages. I tried just this morning to install Wamp but I got an error saying that I was missing a file. I installed that file and still did not work.
As I said I think there are leftover extensions or files from all my attempts and probably I'll reinstall the OS and start fresh again.I don't have anything against Apache but I was fine with PHP, MySql and PhpMyAdmin, I am against installing extra software if I can do without, am I wrong? I'll keep trying before I resolve to reinstall the OS.Thanks for your help.By the way can you tell me the difference between Apache and IIS? So if I use Apache should uninstall IIS?

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I don't think that you're wrong about installing extra software, but I've always found running PHP on IIS a bit of a pig. Not least due to IIS not handling .htaccess files. Instead it uses a web.config file.

What system is your remote host? Windows or Unix? It helps if you use the same webserver on your local machine and the remote server.

I'll keep trying before I resolve to reinstall the OS.Thanks for your help.By the way can you tell me the difference between Apache and IIS? So if I use Apache should uninstall IIS?

Good! An OS re-install should be your last resort. You shouldn't (need to) uninstall IIS, especially if you run .aspx pages.

My remote server is Alice which is Telecom, I don't know if is Windows or Unix but for now I am just developing locally so do I have to worry about the remote server now?

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My remote server is Alice which is Telecom,

Sorry means nothing to me. I searched for "Alice Web Hosting" and couldn't find it. Is this an ISP? Anyway, developing locally is fine, but I would imagine that you'll want to test your sites on a remote server at some point?

Yes Alice is myISP belongs to Telecom Italy's phone company. Anyway I am going to the States for 2 months this week so I'll take a break from this, when I come back I'l,l see probably I'll reinstall the OS and go from there.Thanks a lot for your help I'll let you know what happens.

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