I had noticed a lot of returned mails with spam content arriving daily. i renewed the old mailing scripts (which was overdue) to include jquery clientside(irrelevant i know) and serverside switched to phpmailer adding a captcha as well as the existing honeytrap that i had before. now although less im still getting a few.
Anyway to the point, I have been looking for some code that i could use to try and inject a spam like mail to my own address for the pupose of testing these and other web forms, I do not know how to do this , vaguely to add new headers but not how to do it. Can any one provide a test I could use? I promise im not a spammer

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So to clarify, you want a script that will deliberately send spammed emails to your account, in the hope of identifying any problems?

Personally, I would suggest something like reCaptcha, this is run by Google so you can be rest assured it will stop the vast majority of spammers.

If you continue to get spammed emails after installing this, I think you have a much more serious issue.

If an input form was compromised at some point, adding a captcha and taking other precautions may not eliminate the problem. You might find that a PHP scrupt has been added somewhere on your server with a cron job or scheduled task set to run it every now and then. Assuming you have access to it, you'll want to check your crontab or scheduled tasks to make sure you don't have anything being executed which shouldn't be.

@mattster yes i wanted to try to add a hearer in a $_POST to test the validation, such as test message to an address of mine , i cant fing an examle and i just dont know how to code one. i am not a huge fan of recaptcha as it is not that poular with all users,im trying now with a math question answer but avoiding language so a 2+2 or 9-8 type thing.

@borzoi great thinking, i thought you might have it but no chron job or any stray file that i can find.
i will go through the failed/returned mails aginn see if i can find a clue.

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