I am trying to send mail using php mail() function. All servers are receiving mails except hotmail. I dont know why hotmail not receiving mails. Pls help me ...its very urgent..

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hotmail may be actively rejecting the message. Are you setting your "from" in the headers? Are you getting a bounceback?

If you have malformed headers, some mail services will actively reject the mail as spam. Also, if the server itself is not configured to identify itself when sending email, some servers will reject the mail as well (so, if you are using a home server or an oddball company).

You would be better served (after you get this up and running) to look into PEAR or some other non php mail() system, either using SMTP or a service that is configured appropriately. The mail() function is incredibly inneficient, hard to maintain, and (as I was taught) it is a last resort when more common systems fail.

ok...i changed my code using php mailer class. but its always showing host error.

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