Dear All,

I am using ASP.Net with VB.Net Visual Studion 2010

I have a textbox if I write i.e. 654321-1 and immediately it verify from database table that this is already exists in database or not.

Suppose on Gmail if we create new email address it immediately verifies from database and says "This ID has already taken" and gmail gives suggestion to add some numeric or character with it.... i.e. if i write asif14443 and this is already in database and gmail will give suggestion asif14443pk , asif144432014 etc.etc.

But in my case I have to just check duplicate from database. If possible please email me the solution to my email address <<snip>>

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The technology behind that functionality is AJAX. You will be able to find plenty of tutorials online if you search for AJAX and autocomplete

I searched but no thing found... please send me relevant link or solution.

Auto Complete is something else....

I referred to autocomplete because any autocomplete tutorial explains the same concept - getting data and showing a response without refreshing the page.
Break the task down:
1) learn how to do an AJAX request
2) pass value to AJAX and server side code
3) get response and show on the page.

That is what you are trying to do and that is exactly the same as any autocomplete example you'll see out there.

But seeing you can't find what you're looking for:

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