Dear All,

I am using ASP.Net Visual Studio 2010 , I want to Mask Text Box in a format 12345-8 (suppose if I write 12345 then - hyphan automatically appear after 5 and then I can write 6th crachter i.e. 8 in my example.)

Please help me how I can apply this ( I have used this by using AJAX , but that is for Date format only ... i.e. 12/10/2013 )
There is no option for other format. If possible kindly email me solution at my email

What exact library did you use that could only do the date? that isn't a limitation of AJAX itself. And you don't want to even be using AJAX for that as there is no need to post back to the page.
All you want to do is add a '-' to the text in the textbox, which is a manipulation of the DOM. Jquery will do that easily for you. Again, Google is your friend so simple things like that.
If you have any issues post up what you've done and we'll help you. But we won't do everything for you.