I'm creating a contact us page for my website, I need all the contact queries to info@mycompany.com.
I know how to configure for a gmail server but how do I do it for this?

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Take a look in the documentation for System.Net.Mail. The MailMessage Class page contains some example code you might find useful. Does this help?

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Hi geniusvishal, it's so great of you to share that link, but would you please read my query again? It says I know how to configure gmail, how should I configure a webmail of my domain. Like, if my domain is www.student123.net my email is info@student123.net. How should I configure it for this email.
And @LaxLoafer, i'm sorry that didn't help :(


Sorry I just skipped that part. Anyhow coming to your query, you need to contact your hosting provider and get the smtp details for your domain name if applicable.. For example incase of gmail the host name is smtp.gmail.com and port no is 587. Similarly you have to check with the hosting company whether such feature is available with them or not.

Check this link for configuring email @ Godaddy..


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@geniuvishal yes I decided to do that before I read your reply. I got the answer. Anyway thank you for you response. I hope this post helps someone in the future :)

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