Regarding my website at: http://www.artmakers.com

The below javascript, which rotates a .gif image logo, works fine on my website with Internet Explorer, but when Viewed with Firefox it will not move the image. The error message in the Firefox Javascript Console is:

Error: circleLayer is not defined
Source File: index.html Line: 106

Line 106 is in the context of the whole page. I posted just the javascript at http://www.artmakers.com/error.txt In the javascript , it's the line that says:
circleLayer.moveAngle += 1

Thanks..... Ron

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"circleLayer" is defined inside conditionals, and none of your conditionals test for FireFox.

You only test for Netscape and Internet Explorer, based on deprecated DOM objects (document.layers).

Your page is also missing a DOCTYPE declaration, so no test is really going to be valid, and no code will be dependable.

Start by fixing the DOCTYPE issue, then you may not need to do a browser test.


Thanks for the info, That's over my head, but I'll try to make sense of it.


Just start by researching "doctype". Learn what a doctype is, and which one you should use.

After you've got that figured out, adjust your code accordingly. You may find you don't need to test for different browsers at all.

If you do, find a better, more thorough "browser sniffer" script.

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