I am installed php 5.3.28 with apache 2.2 and mysql 5.5.38 on windows 64 bit machine, despite configuring php correctly with apache and also enabled the extensions, its not able to recognise the mysql extension loaded.
The connection attempt through adodb throws the error "call to undefined function mysql_connect() in adodb\drivers\adodb-mysql.inc.php on line 460".
Also the function_exists('mysql_connect') return false;

I would appreciate your quick suggestions.

thank you.

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Have you checked your extension_dir setting in the config file? It may be making PHP look in the worng location for extension modules.
Otherwise, I got nothing...

thank you for your response, but I checked extension dir already. In the php.ini have mentioned it as -
extension_dir=ext (also tried it making a full path as 'c:\php\ext' without any difference)
But the phpinfo() lists the extension_dir path as only 'c:\php'

never mind,I could solve it. The problem was apache was not able to get the right copy of php.ini. So has to provide the php.ini in it's apache/bin folder and it works as expected now.

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