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WordPress by far. After that initially steep learning curve it becomes very easy to use. Powerful platform. I used it pretty extensively as the publisher for my last publication, and I can't imagine switching to anything else.


A few months ago I spent some time developing a reasonably complex site with Joomla. I had to teach myself from scratch and it was very different from HTML5 and CSS. As I progressed, I noticed certain limitations in what I could achieve with Joomla. I am sure that much of this was down to my lack of experience but it was frustrating. I switched to Wordpress and and very glad that I did. It is much quicker to get a site up and running and the variety of plugins available makes it a much more enjoyable experience. Part of me would still prefer to write pages "the hard way" but I am not a professional developer and I will stick with Wordpress so that I retain the "fun" aspect of what I am doing.


It depends. I prefer Wordpress because I found here great templates for WP and it really fits to my wbesite.

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