I got WSDL files and XSD files from our client. I have created a proxy with this wsdl and added in my projec.
I got the result that i want but once webservie returned error i got only exception name in Exception object not detail or inner exception. In SOAP UI i got detailed error with fault code and fault message but in code i got only "SoapMessageHeader Exception".

Please help.............

Well, telling us the detailed fault message would help. And the inner exception showed no error message?
Are familiar with tools ike Fiddler? They can catch the response coming back and you can look for the error there too.

Thanks hericles,

I got the error message in SOUP UI, but i need this error message programatically so my application will understand the target website is down or there is another error. The SoapException object in catch block is showing only "SoapHeaderException" but in SOAP UI i got "Data Not Found" error with same input that i provided in code.