i am new to paypal , my client need to pay the payment in the date which was set by the admin , is it possible to do this using cron . is any method is there in paypal . i search in google but i didn't find the answer . help me to do it .

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You can create a PHP script that will connect to your database to check the clients with payments due. The script should be able to process the payment and update the payment status as needed.

Lastly, create a daily cron job for the script above. This can be done on your cpanel or equivalent.

where can i get this script . is this script automatically do the payment in paypal without the manual login .or else we user recurring method to do the payment but we need update the date(next billing date) is this possible. our requirement is to pay the payment without manual login .

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Wouldn't you have to store the user's credit card details to do an automated cron job with paypal or paypal account details? That makes things very very scary if you're storing those details somewhere.

Is that what you are doing?

no not like that . just we want to know how to implement that . using keys like that

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