$tpl = new FastTemplate("templates");

can someone help me!! plz

there was no given error, it just said something that one of my coders typed in....so i got it to work and then i was trying to get the thumbnails to work and then next thing i know blank page....

www.photoblinger.com/old/index1.php and www.photoblinger.com/old/index2.php

//echo("After config.php");

thats just an example of what i saw

Isn't the syntax of include?

include "[i]filename[/i]"

Either syntax is fine.

I included a function file and got a blank page as a result. Turns out I'd declared the same function twice which caused the blank page, with no error or warning messages.

Just a thought...

Maybe problem is here:
at first line: start tag should be full: <?PHP or at second line.

[B]include($include_path . "/FastTemplate.php3");[/B]
$tpl = new FastTemplate("templates");

I am facing the same issue. Please take a look at the following code snippets.
SearchForm.php displays correctly if I comment the statement "//require_once 'includes/MessageTransactionReportGenerator.php';". However, if I uncomment it, I get a blank page. No error, no warning. I have included a snippet from MessageTransactionReportGenerator.php below. Note that MessageTransactionReportGenerator also has "require_once 'includes/MessageType.php';" statement.

I havent figured out any solution for that.

I will post back, if I do.

//file Name : SearchForm.php
    require_once 'includes/PossibleValuesFinder.php';
    require_once 'includes/MessageType.php';
    //require_once 'includes/MessageTransactionReportGenerator.php';


And MessageTransactionReportGenerator.php looks as follows:

//file name: MessageTransationReportGenerator/php
require_once "includes/QueryExecutor.php";
require_once "includes/MessageType.php";

i bet theres an error upon including a file, try using include instead of require coz when require encounters error, the script execution will stop and generate a fatal error, try reading this link for a much detail info http://www.w3schools.com/php/php_includes.asp

Also, I hate to state the obvious, but are the includes in the the same directory as the calling script? Sometimes the stupidest things can make us crazy.