which software do u use while working with php!! I uses easyphp but thats not upto the expectation!!!

how about naming yours,pliz :shock: :banghead: :rocking:
If you r reading this, you agree that i'm smart!! If not, you are jealous coz' you are not smart....

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I use dreamweaver to write PHP (used to, haven't written in a while and the trial is expired :P)
For testing I use wampserver. It's pretty usefull, you can to put it online let others see what you made. To you can work offline (that only you can acces it) for testing purposes.

I always install Apache on my machines, so I guess I'm hardly ever "offline" in that regard.

I've got PHP installed on a Server 2003 box running IIS on my home network. On my laptop, I have EasyPHP, and despite having some parts in French, it's been fairly easy to use. I've got extra debug options turned on for PHP on EasyPHP, so hopefully I can catch $Isablond != $Isablonde before I go bald at 40 from pulling my hair out!

For development I have WAMP installed on one machine, and XAMPP on another. For the actual PHP code I use EditPadPro. For debugging Zend.

For typing up PHP (and other languages too) I use notepad++. A guy in my class found it. Best thing is that it's a free application! No trial periods! :)

I am using portableWebAp which is a package with php, database and apache server to test and run my php coding. As for writing the php coding, I am using macromedia dreamweaver.

I use dreamweaver for all coding: html, css, javascript, php, sql and i use XAMPP for local testing. i have found it to be very easy to use, with the exception that i have to have 2 command windows open in the background all the time. it does have phpmyadmin built in though, so databases have never been easier!!

I used to use an old version of Dreamweaver (MX, I think) and do all my testing online. I tried to set up apache, php and mysql on my local windows machine, but I had a bit of trouble and just said the hell with it.

However, a month or two ago I wiped one of my machines clean and put Ubuntu Linux on it. Best choice I ever made.

Now I've got apache, mysql, and php installed on a local server. I use that for all script development/testing now. Installation was a cinch, btw - about five minutes with the package manager and a few minutes tweaking the config files was all it took to get everything up and running.

As for actual coding, I use Quanta Plus. I tried Notepad++ before on my Windows machine, and it was ok... but I like the fact that Quanta Plus has many of the project capabilities that Dreamweaver does. For example, I can edit a whole bunch of local files and then batch-upload the modified files to the server.

Best of all, it's free... good old Linux.

- Walkere

I use dreamweaver CS3 for typing the dumb code :p

and WAMP (wampserver.co m) for in windows,

and since i'm in dualboot Win Xp en Ubuntu, i use XAMPP for linux to test in Ubuntu.

btw, Ubuntu is there to try for all, it's free save and fast ^^ (sorry, I can't keep my mouth shut about ubuntu :D)

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yea ubuntu rocks!.

dw cs3 is good for php.

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