I have starting my third year of the bachelors degree in IT next month and am doing my first ASP.NET paper.
So far I have done:
- C#
- Java
- VB
- JavaScript

I know that with ASP.NET you create web applications.

My questions are:
1. Does ASP.NET applications have the same forms as you do with C# (desktop applications) but just interaction over the internet?

  1. Can you make websites with ASP.NET or is it strictly applications?

  2. Can you integrate other languages such as PHP and Javascript with ASP.NET?

1) if you already have .net app experience, you will find it easy to build web apps since you also have HTML experience. Many of there controls you have used in building desktop apps are the same type controls you use in asp.net. These controls are converted to HTML elements when the page is called. For example, a textbox control renders and an input element of type text

2) yes, asp.net is for web development.

3) not PHP on the same page, but yes client side scripting like javascript, for sure.

You'll find that building web apps with visual studio is very easy once you get the hang of it.